Make better products, faster.

Makersite is a platform for collaborative product management. Come here to analyze, manage and improve your products. There are currently more than 30 Apps available for costing, compliance, health, eco-design, and supply chain stewardship.

Makersite was built on a massive Industrial Flows Database – what products are made of and used for. Data is constantly updated with products, sites, costs, materials, processes, regulations, and environmental impacts.

Simply link your product BOM or formulation to find opportunities, risks, and costs. That helps you innovate faster, buy smarter, and be sustainable.

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Sustainable Brands
Procurement insights


One Product. Many Answers.

Configure a product once and get instant answers for many questions.
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People, Data and Tools To Make, Buy and Sell Great Products.

Start with great ideas.

Makersite is the largest database on how products are made and their uses, costs, risks and impacts. You can configure thousands of templates to represent your product, and connect your product definition to millions of data-points.

Product Innovation

Discover and analyse.

Makersite enriches your product model with data from multiple streams.  That way you can work out costs, risks, regulations, eco- and health impacts in a fraction of the time and stay focused on innovating.

Model Alternatives.

The impacts, costs or risks of alternative design choices can be modeled right here, such as material switch outs or new production locations. Alternatively, you can enrich tools such as PLM, CAD, or CRM with product performance data through API.

Product Innovation
Product Innovation

Have discussions over data.

Join a community of professionals like yourself. Chances are, you’re the expert someone else is after.  Discussions are connected to data, so references and updates are precise and remain in context. Whether you’d like to share your life’s engineering experience or make your first Flying Car, there’s room for you here, too.

Make a great product.

Makersite connects products to science, people and tools. With millions of data points, it’s the only place that is conversational, connected, and data-centric. Join for free to work through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way.
Product Innovation


Makersite for business?

Bring Makersite to work. Securely collaborate on your company’s products, whether you work for a small startup or a large enterprise. In fact, no “enterprise software” has Makersite’s innovative privacy options, closed group collaboration features or live connection to science and data.


Makersite data is confidential by default. You can then choose to publish your data openly or restrict access. Access can be restricted by data-set, by user group and even by data object. That way you can collaborate but still protect your or your suppliers’ IP.

Closed Groups

Makersite data is confidential by default. You can then choose to publish your data openly or publish but restrict access. Access can be restricted by data-set, by user group and even by data object.

Supplier Collaboration

Invite your suppliers to work around your product data. They can publish the Material Declarations that make it into your product. Because the data is networked and aggregated, stay on top of changes and thresholds.


Integrations to empower everyone

We built Makersite for real-time analysis of financial and non-financial product performance. To get dependable results, we integrate open as well as best-in-class commercial data. Here are integrations we’ve done or can do for you.



We’ve integrated chemical substances and their properties. That way you can check out hazards and risks from any product definition.


Product Regulations

Global product regulations are connected to your product definition. Know early which one’s you’re running into when you make or sell something.



We’ve partnered with leading data providers to let you model how a change of material may affect costs, environmental performance or compliance.


Industrial Processes

Processes are described through inputs and outputs.  A ”unit process” is one or more grouped operations in manufacturing that can be defined and separated from others.


Environmental Impacts

What is the environmental footprint of your product? As you model alternatives, Makersite calculates its environmental impacts.


Product Models

For a fast start, we’ve already configured thousands of products. Use them to configure yours, as ingredients, parts or sub-assemblies.