Unit Process Payment Calculator

We pay you a license fee for every documented Unit Process. You can chose a one-time cash payment or annual, usage based royalties.


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Unit Process Payout Calculator
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Put your LCA data to use.

A Win-Win

We’re not LCA consultants. We simply use LCA data more broadly. In fact, we could only license your technosphere flows (material quantities – mass, volume etc.), not the elementary flows from/to nature. That way your data remains protected, if that’s important to you.

Simple Transfer

You can simply register and set up a new product with inputs and outputs. If you have multiple data sets, you can also send us your data in EcoSpold1 or XLS table. We’ll integrate and connect it to the data pool with your approval.

Transparent Payments

If your data isn’t already open or was paid through public funding, you’re eligible for royalties.

Our royalty scheme is transparent and usage based: the more people use your data, the more we pay you.

We’ll provide you with an online report where you can see the use of your content.